Friday, April 30, 2010
To Get Somethig You Never Had, You Have to Have to Do Something You Never Did!
Alrightiiees i'm back again. kind of weird to post agn... it's like im not used to type with keyboards.. I'm dinf pretty fine lately.. everyhing seems to go smoothly(: For such, my headline tdy speaks it all((:
When i heard there's another coming of 4weeks attachment, i could'nt believed it. Going thru another 4weeks? Tt's what i told myself? It's gonna be hell! DAMN! But, it seems tt after 2weeks i've gone thru in KKH, the place seems to speaks to me alot. protocols of different hospital, In-Out of patients, diff types of diag de patient has, and most impt the people i'm working with((: Life's short actually, be fair and responsible! (mmm, shamu and all shud understand tis sentence)
Pretty much, after this 2weeks in KK, i dun tink i would highly recommend my relatives or even myselves to be warded there la.. Not to discrimintae KK, but looking how the "inside" ppl work.. Shivers** Stya in B1 class and above(:
Im left with another 2 weeks in paeds. Hohoos!! i'm got another query, why does KKH not giving allowances to students?? i'm guessing.. is it bcos... ( k i shall nt say it here.) confidential. Ask me personally if u wana know(: HAHAX!!
I Love ChocolatezzFriday, April 30, 2010
Monday, March 22, 2010
1) Kay, first thing i gotta boast about my new ipod touch(:
Oh, dear has got himself one too.. he bought it from his fren.
2) Congrates to AC team who got 2nd runner up(: also same to the girls for their effort in getting 7th position. well done people!
3) ATTACHMENT has started..!! super sick about it.. tis time round there's no CI to guide us. All we have was an invisible 'sister'. Rubbish! Was just talking about our last sem CI, and we saw her aft work tdy at de escalator down to MRT(:(: Coincidence! Though ANs & SNs are more friendly-ier.. But, i think we're more stressed. Bcos Lee Siew Hua (Our Sch lecturer is de to assist us) Mann.. God knows what woukd happen thru out these 3weeks. I'll keep my fingers cross:X
4) Shamu dearie is not having the same shif as me.. Grr.. All thks to one ppl in te class. nvm.. shall not bad mouth people.
5) I wish to go on a HOLIDAEEE!!!(: (A short trip is gd enuuf) heehee..
6) Hope to spend more time with dear dear.. both of us is like hell making BIG business.. :(
Gtg~ Ciaox..
I Love ChocolatezzMonday, March 22, 2010
Wednesday, March 03, 2010
Welcome Maerch((:

Out of a sudden my blogskin is back to normal.. luckily din changed.. hahas.. still feel tt tis skin is the best! Orrriitteyy(: Im enjoying evry single day of holidaes(;

Met Sec sch friends ytd to hv fun activiies as well as bonding..

Went ice-skatting @ Kallang. Reached der too early,de plc like ghost town.. Had Subway for breakfast cum Lunch. Everthing kick start at 11am.

11-1pm: Ice Skate(; Pictures in FB..

1-3pm: Bowling and had drinks at STARBUCKS

after which i lost track of time.. HAHAHA!! Cos we did nothiin((: Bus to PS, went to buy moie tickets at THE GRAND CATHAY. Wathed "From Paris With Love"..

5pm: ate chicken rice at some stalls after rendevous hotel..

730pm: Movie time!!

9pm: Home Sweet Home(:

Everybody's energy level is like 0%.. LOLs..

Had hummpttiie Duummpttiie falls @ Ice skate..

Crash all the pins down @ bowling..

Extra plates of Chicken rice..

and i tot i was gg to KNOCK OUT i the movie.. BUT I DID NOT!!

MOVIE WAS AWESOME!!!! i rate the BEST movie of march 2010! :D

thru out de movie i keep telling jovan wad's the nxt move

of John Travolta.. hahas.. Seems like i can predict the ending for action movie.. Nice(;

frens, should catch the movie if u can.. i rate 4.5/5.
another 0.5 dey loose out is kinda vulgar dey speak.. but its part of the movie suppose to be. Nice(:
Cioax le.. :D

I Love ChocolatezzWednesday, March 03, 2010
Thursday, January 28, 2010
2010 1st post
okaes as u can see, tis is the first post in yr 2010.. Laughs.. New begning, new songs too.. No NY resolution, just hope tt everything goes smoothly like 2009! Hahass((: I need some time to get a new template.. really busy ever since sem2 begins.. Me being lazy to blog alr... :X
PROJECTS & EXAMS seems to be crashing on me!!!!!!! Kills...
Went shopping with girfriends ytd.. Loves!!! :D bought 3 dress, 2 Watches and 1 Skirt! 3, 2, 1!! (: hehe.. my new year clothes.. And oya tdy's pay day!! Wee~ happy tt i've got more than expected.. well, tink its commission during Christmas(:
Exams and Attachment comin soon.. Beta enjoy hols guys!!!
fyi: for freinds who's yearning me to blog and wonder how am i?? im doing fine guys! Cya ppl soon!!! (:
I Love ChocolatezzThursday, January 28, 2010
Wednesday, December 09, 2009
Labels: Poping PimpleS!!!
Grr.. Stress + less water intake = PIMPLES(:
LOLX.. Im still young tt's y pimple still outbreaking.. its gettin more these days.. Think its bcos of my chips.. HAHA!! Rashes is irritating me as well.. Past weeks had been enduring with the itch!DAMN! Goin to the doc soon..
HA! Last aper of HS1092 ended! Wohoos.. 3Claps! Yeah.. Upcoming 2ICAs.. One is this comin fri and nxt thurs(:
Oh recently went SCMS as vounteers.. think my group had fun LOADS! Hahas.. see pics in FB.. If there were award of BEST volunteer cheering, i cfm we'll get the award.. Ahahas:D
On Cloud 9((:
I Love ChocolatezzWednesday, December 09, 2009
Wednesday, November 18, 2009
Labels: ICA's CoMiNg tO ToWn......!!!!
Lol.. November's coming to an end.. Santa coming for this Christmas, ICAs is coming toox! Hahax:D Pretty obvious im always MIA.. well, cant be blamed.. (:
Alright, getting started with Proj and proj and more proj.. Bio test nxt tue.. hope to get started asap.. tis sem e lecturer really CMI mann.. Make us CMI as well.. lolx.. As usual, aft school hours on wed n fri will head to work.. Busywomen! hehe..
And dearie's Apec posting has come to an end yesterdae(: Which in turn he booked in tdy.. LALALA~ im off tdy but he book in.. jus nt the right timimng mann! Arghx.. But its ok.. spent with him almost everyday exept those days im working.. 2mre weeks left in HTA and he'll get hell out of that place..! NO MORE sleeping in bunks but @ HOME!! Weee~ That makes me able to see him everyday.. ((: smiles.. Cya this fri..
Excited for Sat's cousin wedd dinner... wahaha.. Not a grand event though, cost saving. (:
ciaox for proj..
I Love ChocolatezzWednesday, November 18, 2009
Monday, October 26, 2009
Wohoos.. im MIA-ing agn.. hahas.. Honestly speaking, asking me to blog is not a routine these days.. Busy with school work, Work and proj.. I noe its just another excuse.. Hee.. Oh btw ppl, sentosa pics hve been uploaded, so view it at FB. Tsktsk..
hohoos!! Thurs dear's POP loh!!! Cant attend though.. due to tutorial in week2. damn.. Its alright.. i noe he understands(: We'll head to Sumo house this week round i guess.. he's desperately waiting for me to agree b4 gg der to eat.. HAHA! :D Cos im a person who dun like to rush to eat my food.. So im just trying get a suitable time to go der.. And for whatever reason, i duno why de shop closes so EARLY!!!??? Got business don't make..? I wonder wonder wonder..... :P
Orite... taking bout sum hse.. i've jus had it with my gals last thurs.. And had a cool driving test out. Cant believe i go rounds in carpark at Sengkang Park (Which's not officially open), so there's less traffic there(: Nice one. Each of us got a try of Jacob's car.. HAHAHA!!! Believe he'd got a heart attack by the 3 of US(exclude minmin the PRO). looking forward for my car license((:
2More years to go... HEHEX.. Hope dear still rmb we're suppose to go tgh(: hehex..
I Love ChocolatezzMonday, October 26, 2009

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